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27 January 2010
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The country's rail network consists of 1300 km of track, built 50 years ago, which represent the main link to overseas markets via the port of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean.

It takes 4 to 7 days to travel 1,200 km from Kampala to the port of Mombasa. This represents a major improvement over the average time of 21 days of departure, but is still a disadvantage for imports and exports.

Ugandans generally moving minibus collective (called taxis) that are moved frequently.

Rates are fixed and departures occur when the vehicle is full. Some smaller airlines, such as Eagle Uganda, operating within the country.

The major cities are connected by daily buses and minibuses depart from Kampala Post EMS and reach major centers several times a week. The cost is less and the vehicles are safer and faster bus.

In Kampala circulate taxi pedal (called boda-boda, as originally transported people between the border posts, called precisely boda).

The main towns in the south are connected by an excellent road network, but some courses require an SUV. Near Entebbe there are several car rental companies, as well as in Kampala and in major cities.

Who will hire half must hold an international driving license and be aware that in Uganda the drive on the left, there are no traffic signals and fuel and car hire are frightfully expensive.

The road network consists of public roads totaling 27,000 km.

Of which:
asphalted: 1,800 km
White: 25,200 km.

Airport of KAMPALA
Kampala's international airport is actually located in Entebbe, 65 km southwest of the capital. Several taxis and minibuses are the shuttle between the airport and the city.

Few travelers choose to arrive by plane in Uganda, because almost all flights to East Africa from Europe and North America, landing in Nairobi, where you can then continue by bus.

There are internal flights to Entebbe from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The airport has one terminal. Has an exchange office and a luggage room.

Major airlines are Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Hewa Bora Airways and Brussels Airlines.

More information:

Degrees of latitude: 0 ° 3 '37 "N;

Degree of longitude: 32 ° 27 '0 "E;

Airstrips: 12/30 17/35 2408x45m 3658x45m.

Uganda Shilling

Three hours ahead of Greenwich.

240 V, 50 Hz

Metric System

Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria and tetanus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid fever, meningococcal meniningite, anger. In Uganda it is not safe to drink tap water, so it is advisable to consume only water in sealed bottles or hot drinks.

Other risks: bilharzia, trypanosomiasis, tuberculosis. The rate of spread of AIDS is very high.

Three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (two hours ahead of Italy).

The country's official languages are English and Swahili (since 2005). English is still the official language after independence. Access to economic and political power is almost impossible without knowing English was the language of white settlers.

The Swahili language was made official in 2005, and is quite common in business. In the central part of the country is very widespread Luganda, a language used for many years in education, now frequently used for more than three million people. This language is spoken especially in Buganda region and Kampala.

Spread to other languages of the Niger-Congo Nilotic-Saharan modest spread of Arabic. It is therefore clear that the country has a multitude of languages spoken, which is easy to divide the territorial point of view. Half of the language spoken in the country belong to Bantu and those are concentrated in the south, the other half belongs to the Saharan Nile and is concentrated in the north. The Bantu languages are totally nineteen.

Under the religious aspect Uganda is a country very different. About 85% of the population are Christian, among them the two largest groups are Catholics (45%) and Anglican (35%). 12% of Ugandans are Sunni Muslims. 2% of the population professes African traditional religions. The other non-Christian denominations, which represent 6% comprise mainly Hindus.
In the capital Kampala, is one of eight houses of worship in the Baha'i religion in the world, whose construction began in 1958, precisely the Bahá'í Faith is more here than in any other African state.

There is also a small Jewish community, the Abayudaya at Mbale which consists of about 500 people.

Italian travelers, like those of most countries, must have a visa for entry, allowing a maximum stay of three months and it is preferable that request before departure, although it can be obtained on arrival, at the airport. For the issue it id ne should submit, among other documents, a passport with a remaining validity of at least six months and return air ticket or onward journey. 



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