I'll come back to Congo for a big campaign of vaccination

12 April 2010

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Gianfranco Aiello, one of the "Great Doctors of Italy" speaksabout his experience in the DRC.

How is your relationship with Africa? It 'been in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

I experienced first hand the hardships and difficulties that these people live with daily. I was in Congo last year and was a journey that left me so much, not only humane but also professionally, a doctor in a reality so difficult, with structures that are not always in order, is not easy and involves a capacity adaptation and elasticity beyond imagination.

You’ll participate to the "shipment" of doctors who will go to the DRC for a vaccination campaign?

Yes, this year I will do part of this great humanitarian project, we have decided to focus on a prevention campaign based vaccination an important step in the journey of these people to higher levels of civilization and livability.

Do you consider possible to organize activities of training for education of medical personnel?

In these countries, and specifically in the DRC need to do so, the training of physicians of the place is a significant breakthrough, but it should have structures as a substrate as possible functional and adequate paramedical staff. There is still much to do and everything can not be delegated solely and exclusively to humanitarian organizations.

What is the health situation in DRC?
Are there hospitals or parallel structures?
The health situation in DRC is certainly not satisfactory yet, this is the inevitable consequence of a malaise that affects everyday life in its entirety: missing pillars of health care and hospitals are not prepared to meet the high demand, because missing what are the primary conditions of hygiene, cultivating inevitable problems of diseases.
There are also health facilities supported by parallel work because large organizations such as FAO, NATO, the Red Cross, which provide a more targeted assistance, but the contribution is always small compared to significant requests for help.

What do you think about the work of humanitarian organizations in third world countries (in health)?

Everything they do humanitarian organizations is commendable, but should also involve local government involvement and the implementation of prevention campaigns and fund the construction of operational structures in all directions. I think you should encourage independence at all costs because welfarism does not pay.

What is making the consulate in this way?

The consulate has taken on a great human and social commitment and it shows with the planning of this great campaign based on the commitment prior to direct a group of doctors and medicine distribution and logistics (see ambulances, etc.)..

In DRC there is a high rate of infant mortality due to AIDS. How could on  intervene to try to decrease the incidence of this terrible viruses?

Even before we talk about AIDS, we talk about hunger in this country and the poor hygienic conditions in which they live. We can not expect the locals to buy the necessary to prevent sexual object, but do not have the economic ability to provide for their primary livelihood. Then you should first intervention pei make them possible employment, human. The enhancement of human dignity is a crucial step to achieve great goals.

Who is Professor Aiello

He is supervisor in major national and international conferences, and author of numerous scientific publications. For over 10 years as a consultant for newspapers including the prestigious magazine "Fitness" Health of the Mondadori and Courier, a weekly insert of the Corriere della Sera. Great guide on doctors in Italy's Corriere della Sera, was placed among the top 70 Italian specialists. He also appears on the  guides of health of Class and of Men's Health

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