What could you do for them?

12 April 2010

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An application that calls the response by all, including Congolese.

What do you do for them?
The question on the previous edition of the newspaper EconoCongo made me think. I think calling the action in solidarity with the Congolese people, it embraces the philosophy of the Consulate. It 'paid equally to all calls and the response by all. Given its scope, I would like to make my own if I may, to revive somewhat 'less generalized and perhaps even a little provocative, but never polemical. Put it at the Congolese compatriots: " What do you do for your country"?
With this, I will ask them not to put our heads in the sand, but to assume their responsibility towards their motherland because I firmly believe that the future depends on all of Congo. From its size we can easily realize that what may make the Congolese government in the next ten or twenty years may be a drop in the ocean, so I think a fundamental collective commitment.
This is because there is a real risk of escape from his responsibilities declined to Italian public or business class. Unfortunately, the game of the ostrich is as old as man.  An application requesting the answer from everyone, including Congolese.

Disregard this appeal, I can only interpret the silence "murderer": many are dying from hunger, disease and wars, not only in Africa but around the world, because those who die in silence may do something for them responded with silence. I confess that I too, at first, I was indifferent to the question. Just think about it I realized that it is also addressed to me and demands my response. Thanks Consulate!

Thank you, invite us to reflect on what we can do or can do for our country, not as individuals, which is impossible, but as Congolese Community in Italy. Tells us the African folk wisdom: "Only one arm can not hug the baobab" or if you want, "Unity is strength." So we must take to heart the life of our country to contribute even the smallest of its reconstruction and development. We talk a lot about politics and, in my opinion. do well because part of life. I get on my computer and post reviews of articles by Congolese Congolese politics of Italy, France and Belgium. It 'easy to say his own, criticizing politicians, but nobody thinks that the country also needs the contribution of the individual. We learn from others. Some examples of initiatives taken by Africans in Italy. L 'Associations may be a solution, two examples of concrete actions undertaken by an association and a church group: In 2003, at the initiative of' Association of Ghana Treviso "Ghana Association, with the support of the Association" Brothers of Italy "and participation in Ghanaian Embassy, the City of Venice was going to change public transport, made a gift of over fifty buses used in the Republic of Ghana. Africans call to close your eyes and think on the fact the public transport service in the Congo and what may be 50 buses for the city of Kinshasa or that of your origin. Now you can open your eyes and keep them wide open!

In 1999 in Rome, a group of youths belonging to the Community of Protestant French called "Groupe Tarn Tarn", composed by most Cameroonian citizens, had organized in the hall of my former parish Roman cult with a special collection, a photo exhibition on situation of poverty in Cameroon and offered a meal of typical local cuisine in order to raise the necessary funds to build a school in Cameroon, I must say it worked wonderfully.
Of actions such as these it can take forever. Unfortunately, I regret the lack of spirit of association and cooperation between the Congolese who place little trust in the other. This is not my criticism but is a self more common among Congolese themselves.

And 'well known that the Congolese associations abroad have long life. Even the Congolese singer Madilu sings "ya ba Congolais Mongomba na poto boyokani you."
Acting in this way, proved to be true sons of the dictatorial regime that for many years served the interests of their own and few. This is not to discourage anyone hoping to make it clear what support here. My goal is precisely to foster collaboration that we lack. The truth hurts, but it is the only way to heal. Jesus Christ has saved perhaps the hypocrisy of the Pharisees? Because I believe in man, in his change, I am sure we can get out of this individualistic mentality, sometimes tribal to start thinking collectively.
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