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Mission in Uganda 2010

22 March 2010

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     The meeting with Ugandan Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi was attended by  the ambassadors Ballero (Italian ambassador to Uganda) and Rwabita (Ugandan ambassador in Rome). The CC ItalAfrica explained the reasons for the mission in Uganda, describing the various policy areas and  the completed projects in Africa. The Prime Minister stressed the need to attract investors and private investments. Attention has been focused primarily on the business of processing raw materials such as the Uganda coffee (it was also present  at the meeting the Uganda Coffee Development Agency). 
     Energy, infrastructure and tourism are among sectors most relevant for the government. For this aim, the Prime Minister has instructed various ministries to collaborate with ItalAfrica to verify the feasibility of some projects. Finally, the Prime Minister was invited to Italy and  it was further explained that this is the first mission which will precede the coming of other Italian entrepreneurs in the coming months. A summary of the meeting was  broadcasted by Uganda television. 

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The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Uganda Coffee Development, David Kiwanuka, quality manager and responsible for information, and Julius Madira responsible for monitoring and evaluation. On the sidelines of the meeting with the Prime Minister, the Authority expressed the need to strengthen the exports of a manufactured product and not  only of the raw material. For this aim, the Agency seeks investors willing to settle in the country and to work the coffee.

     The Minister for Finance and Economic Development Aston P.  Kajara (chief investment officer) and the commissioner  Kalanguka Kayondho (head of the private sector) described the economic development of Uganda. The country has been presented as safe, with political stability, with a privatization process in place and a remarkable bureaucratic ease. The Ministry seeks funding and a strengthening of their technology.
In the infrastructure sector  roads and railways are lacking. They are looking for private investors but in many cases, the government will own funds.
In Agricultural sector  Uganda has about 50% of  the cultivable in the region of Lake Victoria; it is a country big producer of coffee and cotton. The problem is the processing : they export raw materials ,because there is no possibility, because of the lack of equipment, the finished product (as is the case for bananas and pineapples). Uganda imports a lot of semi-finished and finished products; the Government wants to attract businesses to be established in the country and to do this type of work.
In the tourism sector  the structures (hotels and resorts) are lacking, despite the presence of many nature reserves, heritage is not exploited to the fullest.
In  the sector of the hydrocarbons / petroleum ENI newly discovered resources in the country; Government is therefore seeking investments for the extraction and refining locally.
In the sector of other minerals and other resources  they are lacking in infrastructures and then companies are forced to export the raw product ,not being able to work it inside the country.

     Minister Peter Lokeris (Energy and Mining Development) described the country's priorities and the projects about which he would like an intervention by western businessmen. Particularly in the electricity sector it will be given the opportunity to individuals to execute their projects and to participate to competitive tenders. The Ministry is interested in all types of renewable energies, but also to oil. The CC ItalAfrica has already made a feasibility study for the refinery site there.

     With ministers Kahinda Otafire (Industry), Serapio Rukundo (Tourism) and Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi (Trade) was discussed mainly about tourism, in order to involve, through the CC ItalAfrica, the Agency for Tourism in the Expo 2015. The Ambassador of Italy in Uganda Ballero made reference to the promotion of a focused tourism, such as for example on the hunting industry.

     Minister Maria Mutagamba (Environment and Water Management) is particularly interested in a waste management project for Kampala and other cities. It is also interested in all communitarian programs for the development of infrastructure for water and in programs for environmental protection (biodiversity, forestry, fisheries, etc.). The Minister has requested the collaboration of CC ItalAfrica in the areas of maintenance of water supply, safe  of waters, completing of the network, towards  the more distant homes; link to the new towns and villages which are being formed; rainwater harvesting.
Minister directly engage the Government in co-financing of projects and providing contracts for the next taxation of the service. On the other hand  he calls for a contribution in terms of technology and know-how.

     The Uganda Manufacturers Association asked the CC ItalAfrica cooperation by companies which can provide a real added value to productions in the Country in terms of know-how, experience and exchange of good practices.  They have a strong interest in developing the production of finished products or semi-finished products.

     Prof. Maggie Kigozi, executive director of Uganda Investment Authority and the Deputy Director Bradford Ochieng showed that:
- Uganda needs housing for a million people and the government, in this sense, to attract foreign investors;
 the economy needs investments and companies for processing of raw materials and the subsequent export of (semi) finished products;
- in the water sector, there will be public projects, where it is already planned  the collaboration with the private sector;
- Italian investments are possible in the service sectors, particularly of tourism (mainly hotels and resorts);
- ICT (strengthening of the capacities and infrastructure of government headquarters).
There was also underlined the bureaucratic ease to open companies, the support and facilities in terms of taxes. The Authority for the Ugandan coffee  is interested in the implementation of exports but , above all, to companies which want to process coffee in Uganda and export semi-finished products.

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