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26 January 2010
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Kenya has a good transport network.

The Kenyan public and private transport are quite developed in all areas of Kenya inhabited.

Fair is the rail network that is built for 3000 km. The train is widely used and is safe and punctual.


The international airports are the Kenyatta in Nairobi and Moi in Mombasa, there are numerous air links with the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


Air travel is definitely the quickest and safest way to cover large distances, the national airline Kenya Airways connects the cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisimu, Malindi and other small places.


The bus (matatu) do not offer the service at night, but the prices are really reasonable, collective taxis and private entities are also quite cheap and efficient.





Two highways part of the Trans-African network are present in Kenya, both pass through the capital Nairobi:


• Highway Cairo-Cape Town, Trans-African Highway No. 4, North Africa connects with the center and south.

• Highway Lagos-Mombasa Trans-African Highway No. 8, which connects the east of 'Africa with the West.




Jomo Kenyatta Airport

The international airport is used by passengers traveling to the city of Nairobi.

It also offers domestic flights in Kenya, international and long haul flights, is the busiest of the entire Central West Africa.

Direct flights from Milan / Rome are offered by the company East African Kenya a biweekly basis.


Many flights are nearly always full also because air travel is a way relatively safe and cheap solution for covering long distances.

The terminal has three sections: Units 1 and 2 are used for international flights, the unit 3 instead is used for internal flights.

At the exit you can find: a taxi service (immediately after customs, there is a counter that sells tickets for taxi fares fixed), and a car rental service.

The airport also has parking, stopping for short or long. It offers other services such as hotels, shops, restaurants, offices for luggage storage, currency exchange offices, banks, post office, emergency room and internet service.

It is also modern and accessible to disabled people.

It also has a few computer screens and it is therefore necessary to hire staff for any clarification regarding the departure.


Steadily expanding in recent years, sees in transit approximately five million passengers annually. Is located 16 km from downtown Nairobi to the south-east and is easy to reach.


The main airlines are: Brussels Airlines, British Airways, Emirates.

Other information:

Degrees of latitude: 1 ° 19 '0 S;

Degrees of longitude: 36 ° 55 '50 "E;

Landing routes: 06/24 4117x45 m.


The airport of Mombasa MOI


The airport is one of the smallest of Kenya. It is used by passengers who are heading towards the city of Mombasa, which is 10 km.


Mombasa is a leading destination for sightseeing.


There are three passenger terminals that allow  to know in advance where to check-in.

The airport offers domestic flights, international flights and long-haul flights, is also equipped

an exchange office. At the exit you can get a taxi or minibus service reach the center of town.


The main airlines are: Air Berlin, Condor, Meridiana, Thomas Cook Airlines, and Thomsonfly.

Other information:

Grade Latitude: 4 ° 2 '5 "S;

Degree longitude: 39 ° 35 '39 "E;

Landing routes: 21/03 3350x45 m 33/15 1363x36m.





The port of Kisumu

Kisumu is a city and port of Kenya, the capital of the province of Nyanza.

It overlooks the Kavirondo Gulf of Lake Victoria, by virtue of his position has developed as a lake port and commercial center since 1901 thanks to the railroad that connects with the city of Mombasa.


The port of Mombasa

It is one of the main ports of Kenya and East Africa, useful, among others, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo and South Sudan.

The port of Mombasa has recorded a growth of 10.5% of goods movement with 15,925,955 tons handled during the year.

As for transit, the total tonnes increased by 16.2%.


Within the port are:


- Berths, Wharves and Jetties.

- Installations for the treatment of bulk cement.

- Sheds.

- Cargo Handling Equipment.

- Container-handling equipment.

- Support boats and tugs.

- Berth for conventional structure.





Kenyan Shilling




3 hours ahead of Greenwich Meridian




230 V Frequency: 50 Hz




Metric System




Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria and tetanus, yellow fever (highly recommended), viral hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus, typhoid fever, meningococcal meningitis, rabies, polio.


In Kenya it is not safe to drink water from the tap.


Other risks: dysentery, amoebiasis, giardiasis, intestinal parasites, schistosomiasis, trypanosomiasis. The incidence of HIV infection is high throughout the country.

Other risks: there are rising cases of AIDS, cholera, dengue, meningococcal meningitis.



Cradle of mankind according to anthropologists, the Kenya safari is also the country, boasting the highest number of wild animals in Africa.

The country offers the most spectacular nature reserves of the world, pristine beaches, extraordinary reefs, towering mountains and ancient Swahili cities.

The  famous reserve in  Kenyais the Masai Mara National Reserve in the west of Nairobi, other parks are well known to Amboseli, famous for Rhinos blacks, to Kakamega with over 330 species of birds and the Tsavo National Park, near Mombasa, the largest in the world.

In Malindi and in the waters around the archipelago of Lamu you can practice diving, windsurfing, fishing or just sunbathing on a strip of beach.

Kenya is the African country where it is easier to spot the animals, but the heritage is also rich with regard to the tribal cultures and provides a fascinating journey back in time.


The climate, very hot and humid in coastal regions, it becomes more mild and dry in the heart of the country, in relation to altitude.
Rainfall is concentrated in two periods of the year: from March to May the long rains from October to December while the rains are intense but brief.
The environment dominant is the savanna, protected by several natural parks covering nearly 10% of the country.

The slopes of the mountains and along the rivers there are traces of the original rain forest, while to the north, in the less rainy, the savannah fades into the desert.

The savanna is home for large herds of herbivores (antelopes, gazelles, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, elephants) and their predators (lions, leopards and cheetahs).

In the waters of lakes and rivers live hippos and crocodiles.


Although english is widely spoken by the 92% of the population, the official language of Kenya is Kiswahili.


The religious affiliation is as follows: Anglican and Quaker 45%, Catholic 35%, Muslim 11%, traditional religions 9%.

It is necessary  also to include Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Baha'i belief.

The Kenya contains the largest group of Quakers in a single nation.


Italian travelers like those of most countries, must have a visa for entry, allowing a period of stay up to three months.

Visas can be obtained by contacting either before departure the consular section of the Embassy of Kenya in Italy or at the arrival at the airport.

The passport must be valid at least six months.



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