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26 January 2010


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It is possible to travel in Malawi by plane, road, train or ship.


The distances between the main centers are short and the roads are in good condition.


There is a rail network of 797 km and a road network, with public roads, for a total of 14,597 kilometers.


In the capital Lilongwe, and in a few other residential areas of Malawi, public and private companies  operate which  manage urban, suburban and intercity transports exercised by buses.




Lilongwe airport

Lilongwe is at 26 km from the city center at about 25 - 30 minutes away by taxi or bus, the city is also the capital of the country.

Inside the airport there are the following services: free shops, post offices, local travel agencies, car rentals, banks, exchange offices, restaurants and bars.

The main airlines that fly in the country are: South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines.


Other information:

Degrees of latitude: 13 ° 47 '21 "S;

Degrees longitude: 33 ° 46 '51 "E;

Landing routes : 14/32 3391x45m.




Malawi Kwacha





UTC +2 from the Greenwich meridian.




Electricity: 220/240 volts, 50Hz.




Metric System




Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria and tetanus, viral hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus, yellow fever, typhoid fever, rabies. In Malawi is not safe to drink tap water.

Malaria is present throughout the year throughout the country.

Other risks: heat stroke, dysentery, giardiasis, schistosomiasis.




The country has a varied landscape that alternates between lush valleys and hills with trees multicolored.

One of the most popular natural attractions, in the country, it is its immense lake Malawi.

The Nyika National Park  is of extreme beauty and there it is possible to have a direct contact with animals, including antelopes, zebras and roan cows.

There is also the Liwonde National Park which stretches south of the lake.


It is possible to meet lions, elephants, gazelles, zebras but especially hippos and crocodiles.


The best time to see the animals is from October to April.




Climatic conditions vary throughout the year with different temperatures in different periods, from May to August it is cool and dry with temperatures between 15 ° and 24 ° C., from September to November the weather is more hot with temperatures between 22 ° and 30 ° C., and between December and April the weather becomes rainy, but always characterized by high temperatures.




The language of Chichewa is the national language, spoken throughout the country.

English is the official language, used mainly in urban centers, but also known in rural areas.





The majority of the population is Christian.

There are Muslims in the north, especially along Lake Malawi.

In addition to the state religion, many people continue to maintain their traditional animist beliefs.



The Italian tourists wishing to visit the Malawi must be accompanied by a valid passport, expiring not less than 6 months from the date of the trip, along with the visa, obtainable at the arrival in the country.


A tax of leaving the country amounting to U.S. $ 20 is to pay locally.



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