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27 January 2010
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Communications system is insufficient.

The railways are also inadequate because of the morphological conformation of the territory, the roads are few, start from the capital Kigali to the borders with Uganda and Burundi.

Rwanda has maritime communications with the Democratic Republic of the Congo through the Lake Kivu.

To connect the Indian Ocean, however, the Rwandans can cross the Uganda and arrive to Mombasa, Kenya.

Communications carriers are guaranteed by the national airline, Air Rwanda and the two airports Kigali and Kamembe.

There is a road network of 14,560 kilometers, asphalted.

Rwandan road network is very developed and connects all the main cities.

The airport in Kigali
Kigali is the capital and is the most populous city of Rwanda. The International airport is located in the city center which makes it easily accessible by taxi and public transport.

The main airlines that fly in the country are: KLM, Brussels Airlines.

Other information:

Degrees of latitude: 1 ° 58 '4 "S;

Degrees longitude: 30 ° 8 '24 "E;

Airstrips: 10/28 3500x45m.


Rwandan Franc.

2 hours ahead of Greenwich.


220 volts, 50Hz


Metric System


Compulsory vaccinations: yellow fever.

Recommended vaccinations: diphtheria and tetanus, hepatitis A virus, viral eptatite B, typhoid fever, rabies. Rwanda is not safe to drink tap water.

The risk of malaria is present all year throughout the country.

Other risks: dengue fever, schistosomiasis, parassitori intestinal tuberculosis.

The rate of AIDS is very high.


The attractive natural resources in Rwanda offer an unforgettable experience. The travelers can visit the mountain gorillas in Parc National des Volcans reopened, or observe the hundreds of species of trees and birds that inhabit the magnificent Nyungwe rainforest.

Even urban centers, such as Butare and the capital Kigali, have somewhat changed their face, with the opening of spaces in which to spend time enjoying food and drink typically accompanied by the rhythm of the dance.

The shores of Lake Kivu offer many opportunities for recreation and rest for travelers and envoys of the NGOs still in place.

Rwanda is planning to launch a tourism program for tourism in the grotto (caving tourism), which should follow that on bird watching and bring Western tourists to discover the lava caves in the country.

Rwanda is in the equatorial belt, but because of its altitude, has a temperate climate, considered among the most healthful whole African continent.

The average temperature is 20 ° C. Rainfalls are not very abundant (between 1000 and 1400 mm annually, with higher values on the Virunga) and are concentrated in two periods of the year (March to May and October-December).

Occasionally the country is hit by droughts.

The official languages of the Republic are Kinyarwanda and French. However, after the 1994 genocide, the complication of relations with Uganda (English speaking) and the intensification of relations with the United States, the use of English has continued to spread among the population and in administrations.

The most widespread religion is Christianity (74%), animism (25%) and Islam (1%).

Italian  travelers, like those of most countries, must have a visa for entry, allowing a maximum stay of 90 days and must be requested prior to departure.

For the issue it is necessary to submit, among other documents, a passport with a remaining validity of at least six months and confirmation of hotel bookings coming from Rwanda.



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